From: Doug Tamerlane <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 4:05 PM
Subject: About the internet...

There is only one thing I can say:

Leave. The. Internet. Alone.

It's doing fine as it is, and molesting things like Net Neutrality will
only serve to have a few corporations who own the lines extort customers
and content providers. You'll end up dealing with an immense amount of
people who are going to go nuts if you ruin the internet, which is what
adding any more regulation would do.

If censorship and extortion are your two best friends, then so be it,
but it'll lead to a huge mess, and you'll probably have to reinstate the
original idea of Net Neutrality. The /only/ way to do it right.

The other thing to watch out for is the broadcast flag. You know what
you're going to do to the market? Irritate the hell out of an
inconceivable amount of people, which will only lead to suffering for a
regular consumer who is trying to do something legal, and the
criminal-minded hacker will still manage to get around it. Go ahead and
alienate the entire country, watch how they react. Better yet, throw
this pathetic idea of 'removing Net Neutrality, regulating the internet
stupidly, and introducing unnecessary broadcast flags' into the trash
where it belongs, and watch the country fall in love with you again.

Excuse my irritable speech; the idea of watching the internet get
molested right in front of me is far too reminiscent of wiping one's
[expletive deleted] with the constitution. Please, let freedom win.