Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses


02-20-98 Federal Register Publication (HTML)

02-20-98 Federal Register Publication (.txt)

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Comments Received in this Proceeding

1/30/98 Discussion Draft

1/30/98 Discussion Draft (.txt version)

1/30/98 Discussion Draft (WordPerfect .zip version)

Previous Notice and Comments

This document, concerning ways to improve technical management of the Internet Domain Name System, is a proposed rule of the Department of Commerce. The official version of this document was published in the Federal Register on February 20, 1998. The Federal Register publication established March 23, 1998 as the official deadline for the acceptance of public comment on this proposed rule.

All messages received at, messages sent directly to government officials that comment on the substance of the proposed rule, scanned versions of comments received as hard copy, and comments recived late, will be published here.

Though it is not intended or expected, should any discrepancy occur between the document here and that published in the Federal Register, the Federal Register publication controls. All comments received will be considered exclusively in the context of issuing a final rule. The paper is being made available through the Internet solely as a means to facilitate the public's access to this document and to provide an additional means of notifying the public of the solicitation of public comment on the proposed rule.

The Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) has provided on their site a translation into Japanese. That document can be obtained at

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