07-09-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 97
From:      "Thermopoly" thermopoly@worldnet.att.net>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/9/97 4:14am
Subject:   proposed TLD changes

I fully support allowing groups like AlterNIC, eDNS, uDNS, and any others
that have the capability of providing enhanced domain name services. 
Nearly 90% of the people can already access http://www.per so why not open
the process up to more.  We should not allow one group, chosen by a cabal
in some Swiss Chalet to control this valuable resource. 

Number: 98
From:      "George Michaud, President/CEO" musicmarketer1@worldnet.att.net>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/9/97 5:52am
Subject:   Re:  Domain Names in the Future... A Solution...

                    I have the perfect solution.  Let my Corporation
handle all the same
activities that InterNIC has done and we will give 50% of the funds to
Cancer Research and we will pay the other 50% to our employees that will
work hard to make it right. We are completely unbiased , have no motives at
all and would do a wonderful job of managing it now and into the next
century.   We would like to see a cure for Cancer by 2001 at the latest. 
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magical fingers of the late, great Harpist Lloyd Lindroth.  This music is
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Sincerely yours,

George L. Michaud
Harpland Music, Inc./a division 
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Number: 99
From:      Bing Associates bing@tiac.net>
To:        "'dns@ntia.doc.gov'" 
Date:      7/9/97 7:34am
Subject:   Domain Scam

I just dealt with a company, internic.com, which clipped me for an extra
$150.00 or a total of $250.00 for domain registration of Windsock.com. I
suppose I'm screwed but I thought I'd pass the info along. I saw no
disclaimer until after I had paid, that suggested that they were not
affliliated with interNIC.net. More info is available upon request. Glenn

From:      Adam Rice adamrice@crossroads.net>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/9/97 5:26pm
Subject:   public comments on domain name registries

Thank you very much for soliciting public comment on this matter, and
making it easy for the public to comment.

Although there are a number of serious concerns that the Internet community
has with the way the current registry system works (such as lack of
competition and scarcity of TLDs), I believe that these issues are outside
the government's purview. The government should no more regulate the domain
name system than it should tell newspapers what brand of printing presses
to use.

That said, I believe it would be appropriate for the commerce department to
*encourage* (not mandate) open competition in domain-name registries, and a
vastly wider base of TLDs, to accomodate the many different companies with
overlapping requests for domain names. The ".com" TLD is being burdened
with every sort of commercial enterprise: it would make more sense to break
this up into many different categories of commercial enterprise (such as
communications industry).

Yours very truly,

    Adam Rice | adamrice@crossroads.net
Austin TX USA | http://www.crossroads.net

From:      Mark Gage mgage@nw3c.org>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/9/97 8:00pm
Subject:   Comment on domain names

Goverment handels copywrites, trademarks and patents. It is not
inconsistent to have goverment assign domain names.

Mark Gage