07-13-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 108
From:      Kevin Cooter kcooter@usa.net>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/13/97 10:41am
Subject:   Someone has flat out stolen our trademarked company name and is extorting us
for money


I understand you might be interested in public comment on this issue so
I thought I would write to you.  Our small company (less than $1M) has
struggled for the last year to free up our company name (UltraStat) to
be used for our web site (currently cyberstat.com).  The first person
who had it we paid $500 and some company stock to get him to free it up
IN WRITING to us, which he did.  The problem is that internic wouldn't
accept this by normal mail, they demanded I get a response via E-Mail
which this first guy wasn't willing to do, I guess.  I asked them if I
couldn photo copy his signed letter giving us the name (ultrastat.com)
and they told me no.

Great... So while I wasted another 6 months trying to work it out the
way I understood I needed to with internic some other bozo comes along
and somehow (knowing the ropes) attached ultrastat.com.  How? I don't
know and internic won't help me figure it out.

But this new group says they'll let me have it for $1,500 !!!! Can you
believe it!!??? Grrrrr.  That's just plain wrong.  It's useless now. 
They don't use it (they can't because I own the patents, copyrights, and
trademarks) and we won't be extorted.  

If you need any further information or details please feel free to
e-mail me.  Also, check out our sight at www.cyberstat.com.

Best wishes,