07-15-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 112
From:      David Blunt db@2100.com>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/15/97 8:46pm
Subject:   Domain name registry

The domain name registry should be an automated system monitored by a
non-profit group formed out of the internet committee and others
interested and involved in the internet.

Network Solutions has exhibited nothing but incompetence in my dealings
with them.  I have a long list of problems with their lack of service,
from failing to move domains to billing payment systems which report
incorrect invoice numbers and won't allow payment when workers there
repeatedly claim that the invoice numbers are correct to fax machines
which never answer, phones which don't answer, and e-mailed requests to
call an extension number which their own phone system says doesn't

An example of an efficient online registration system as opposed to the
archaic and unresponsive e-mail based system used by Network Solutions
can be found at http://tonic.to which is run by Tonga.  The Tonga system
allows registration, moves and information changes to be done instantly
online.  It's an excellent system, and one which I use as an alternative
to Internic whenever possible.

Thank you,

David Blunt


Number: 113
From:      Matthew Tapper matthewtapper@hotmail.com>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/15/97 10:29am
Subject:   Domain Name Servers

I am concerned over the issue of who controls the rights to assigning
names on the internet. The internet is a worldwide community of
individuals and institutions who would be happy with a clear simple

With telephones, we are assigned numbers arbitrarily unless we pay for a
specific number. License Plates are the same way. Trademarks are
registered for their value and legal protection. Domain names are simply
the phone numbers of the future - so everyone should pay the same amount
to register a name - and I think the current $50 a year is fine. If you
want to buy someone else phone number because it is more popular then be
prepared to pay for it...

As to how it is administered, Public Trust means Public funded and
administered by representatives of The Public. The United Nations might
be a good place to put such a trust - just a thought.

Thanks for listening,
Matthew Tapper