07-18-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 120
From:      Earl Tyson earlt@strato.net>
To:        "'dns@ntia.doc.gov'" dns@ntia.doc.gov>
Date:      7/18/97 1:42pm
Subject:   Domain Names

I cannot see how one organization - whether governmental or commercial -
can have a monopoly on such a thing as domain names - especially when we
are talking about an international entity such as the internet.  I am not
sure I even understand the National Science Foundation's ability to award
such a monoply in the future, since the internet seems to have transformed
more of a commercial / educational / recreational focus, instead of a
scientific / defense focus. 

I do not feel that governments, businesses or individuals have the right
to monopolize more common names, such as "five" or "street" or "house",
for example.  But if a company or other entity has a trademarked or
legally recognized name, I do not feel that this should be violated by
infringements by others.  The need for sanity in assigning and monitoring
domain names is now very evident - perhaps reassigning of some domain
names is now in order. 

Number: 121
From:      enquiry@allmi-care.co.uk>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/18/97 4:07pm
Subject:   Whither DNS registrations after InterNic

I have read with interest the comments on both sides concerning the
future of domain registrations, and feel that the only way to go is
through the IAHC/WIPO proposals. I recognise that there are some
people who feel that it is undemocratic and outside of the control
of any one national government, but this is in my view just the
moaning of a few money-grubbing concerns. The plans outlined by
WIPO will mean that a true market will open up with competitive
pricing, instead of the monopoly that exists at the moment.

I am all for the Ad Hoc Committee's proposals. In my view any plan
which does not have widespread support across the whole world will
just convince many that the internet is an agent of American world
domination and will signal the end of internet business before it
has had a chance to grow.

Yours Sincerely,

Godfrey N Nix  C.Eng. MBCS B.Sc.Tech(Hons) Dip. Ed.
Network Operations Manager
East Midlands Network Ltd
Nottingham, England

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