07-19-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 122
From:      "Donna Kay McKinney" 457844958@msn.com>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/19/97 12:32am
Subject:   Management of Domain Names

Please do not let what happened to the phone company happen to the Internet.  
Considering the millions of people who use it, it runs extremely efficiently.  
Only one company at a time should handle the registration of domain names.

Donna Kay McKinney

Number: 123
From:      "Philip H Mills" philm@txdirect.net>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/19/97 9:38am
Subject:   Domain Name  Comment/Opinion/Suggestion

The current controversy over domain names is occuring simply because of the
scarcity of such names under the current system.  

My suggestion is rather mundane.  I hope it can be accomplished.
Throw numbers into the domain name.
Instead of  just .com   how about  .com1, .com2,.....  com346 and so on.
The same for  .gov or .net. or whatever the domain name is.   America
On-Line uses a combination of letters and numbers to allow for unique
naming of each of its 2 million+  individual users.   You would be
surprised how well users can remember or find a name if displayed on
television today or record as their favorite or priority website no matter
how complex it is. 

My second suggestion is for names within the United States (or perhaps one
day the whole planet earth) you might want to link the names to the zip
code, giving the user some immediate idea where the address is actually
for example   .com78244 would be a commercial address in San Antonio,
This suggestion is not in line with the first unless it was broken out
further, such as 
.com346-78244, indicating a rough defiintion of "commercial business
registered in the com346 series, headquartered or residing with the 78244
zip code area." 

And so on. 

Phil Mills, 7930 Sonny Ridge, San Antonio, Texas 78244

Number: 124
From:      "Wes Saunders" 42west@email.msn.com>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/19/97 1:15pm
Subject:   domain names survey

As a avid and frequent user of the internet, both for business and
pleasure, it occurs to me that no single corporation, business, enterprise
or individual should have "exclusive" rights to domain names and the
subsequent master data.  It should be recognized that any holder of a web
site or page, places that information on the internet and at that point,
becomes "public domain".  Any exclusivity would violate the main intent of
the purpose of internet communication.  The internet and it's content are a
public domain, however management of such a huge source of data can be
extremely complicated (as noted w/ the events of Thursday, July 17,1997) 
One upper level administrator caused a severe breach in the flow and
control of information on the super highway, causing a major traffic snarl.
 But from this, we learned that the process, along with it's operators, are
human, and thusly, are subject to mistakes and errors.  This, in my
opinion, is what makes the internet the place that it is. The high tech
world is very "in-human", but it has to be controlled "by humans"  ,
because the down side would be, or could be, total, world dominance by a
newly created "cyber society" of machines.
 One solution to the domain name game, would be an international
Association of Internet Traffic Engineers (IAITE) (Does not exist)  Who's
main task would be the organization and management of upper level domains
throughout the internet world.
An association funded by attachments to the advertising income off all who
use the net for business interests. This, on the whole, would amount to a
very small percentage (less than 1%) of all the advertising dollars earned,
but would adequately fund the Association in order to operate.  Management
of the Association would be by International Professional Registry, and
election, via the internet, of the main body.  Each individual, holding the
upper management positions, would be bound to the other, with no individual
manager having autonomy.  Domian names could then be randomly registered
via the Associations mainframe, in a timed entry basis.
The mainframe's base program and it's associated error checking systems,
would be created by the first body elected to the association, with
subsequent association chair-persons having ammendment authority by quarum
vote.   The base program itself, would use the most current, logical, and
effecient methods currently available to create the domain names and
 It is understood that this is just a foot note in the massively
complicated internet world, however, it is imperative that the greatest
minds and developers of these programs and systems have the opportunity to
manage and administer the net.
We, as a people, do not need any type of Government intervention, political
connections, or other non technical body attempting to run an international
information and technology system.  This is a golden opportunity to begin a
true world education, which will enhance our chance as a world society, to
learn and create the fundamental understanding required to bring peace and
enrichment to all of the people of this small planet.

Wes Saunders
Raleigh, NC USA