07-23-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 135
From:      Billy Bennett Billy.Bennett@ncmail.net>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/23/97 11:35pm
Subject:   DNS reform


     I administer the DNS for the state of North Carolina.  I have had
severe problems with the
charter of the internic determining how I will delegate names (limiting
me with an arbitrary 50/500
rule), and restricting delegation of a domain that should belong to the
state (nc.us).  I do not mind
following guidelines they would establish (ci.name.nc.us, state.nc.us,
et al) but feel as the domain
administrator for NC I should be able to delegate other domains
(mail.nc.us, abuse.nc.us, etc.)  The
current structure for the US domains make all the names unnecessarily
long, and are illogical (the
counties are designated co.name.nc.us instead of name.co.nc.us as
heirarchical naming dictates).  In
addition, companies have been registering county names and trying to
bill counties and cities, and
private organizations have been registering alternative names (such as
nc.net, nc.org, etc).  These
names are clearly like the mcdonald's or nasa names, and should be
delegated for the state to administer (giving them to isps if they want
to have the services outsourced).

I would like to see:

      The xx.us domains delegated to the states for administration with
guidelines from the internic.

      (At least) the xx.org and xx.net domains delegated to the states
for their use.

      The 50/500 rule become the 50/500 suggestion.

Thank you
=Billy Bennett
Internet Services, North Carolina