07-26-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 138         
From:      "Captain Trips" <capntripz@hotmail.com>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/26/97 12:33pm
Subject:   DNS Monopoly 

RE:  B 3. "By what entity, entities, or types of entities should current 
domain name systems be administered? What should the makeup
of such an entity be? "

  It is my personal belief that DNS administration should be conducted 
first and foremost by not-for-profit entities, and all efforts should be 
made to reduce the registration and maintenance fees for securing a 
domain name.  

  With the current InterNic prices for domain registration ranging 
upwards of one hundred dollars, individuals and small organizations are 
often financially excluded from having a personal domain that will 
remain constant despite changes in geographic or service provider.

  The current InterNic monopoly is analogous to every telephone user on 
the planet being required to buy their phone number from one omnipresent 
corporation, unfettered by tenets such as universal access.  

  Just as in the past, telephone access was considered to be all but an 
inalienable human right, so too should domain names become as easily 
available as possible.  

  In selecting a new DNS system, I hope that the goals of expanding 
domain accessibility and deflating registration fees will be a major 

  Thank you.

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Number: 139
From:      "brandon rosner" <johndoe@ez-net.com>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/26/97 12:10am
Subject:   domain names

i think that a company that has a Copyright or Incorporated has the first
shot at that domain name. any "patented product" has first dibs at that
domain name...or else from now on a company should take extensions like
.inc or .firm .auto (for car dealers) and so on...categorize businesses
and .per for personal sites .news for information sites