07-28-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 138         
From:      "SELDON & SCILLIERI, LLP" <seldon@IDT.NET>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/28/97 12:36pm
Subject:   domain name questionaire

If two entities want the same domain name (e.g., acme.com) it seems
simple enough to have a governing body set up an opening page containing
icons for both entities which identify each by name, address, etc.  The
user selects the icon of choice and is linked to a sub-site.

The cost of creating and maintaining the opening page is born by the
junior entity.  The senior (i.e., first) entity gets a free ride.  Each
subsequent entity wishing to join the opening page because it uses the
same name, would have its icon added at a fee to be set by the
administrator  (e.g., the fee paid by the second entity).

Since the administrator would need international authority, I suggest
either the U.N. or an international commission under the body which
administers international telelcommunication standards.

I assume others have suggested this and there is a techinical reason why
it cannot be done.  Maybe not.  It would seem to eliminate all trademark
infringement actions based upon web names.

Sincerely yours, 
Robert A. Seldon