07-29-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names

Number: 141         
From:      "Michael Dopps (Volt Computer)" <a-michdo@microsoft.com>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/29/97 11:42am
Subject:   DNS ISSUE

Domain names should stay as they are.  Com, Net, and ORG are that best
possible means of dividing up the top level domains.  Even if we had 1
million top level domians we still would not be close to having to many.
In working with many of the largest networks here in the United States I
have experience to speak from and wish to remain anonymous since I work
for Microsoft.

I do understand the need for WorldWide variancs of the domain
registration process.  However to keep things consistent we need to set
up a task force to monitor and maintain compatibility and standards
across the board with every registered, "Domain Registering
Organization" around the globe.  Otherwise our idea of communication
through the internet will be no more.

Disputes can and will cause illegal domain names which will send the
flaky at best internet structure to ashes.  In turn the consequences
will divide up all countries and force Internet Service Providers, at
large, to file bankruptcy.

     This topic should be a closed subject and discussed only on
technical terms.  This dispute about domain names should be considered
by the most knowledgable source (The Internic).  This organization
obviously has more experience setting up large domains and experience
with internet structure.  Therefore I feel their opinion should be more
valid than any one involved.  To my knowledge they have always been
credible and have solved many problems for thousands of companies.  
     Organizing a company to manage a network the size of the
internet is no easy task.  I challenge anyone to attempt to set up an
organization to manage the internet and be successful right from the
very start.  Even a group of the most knowledgable will make mistakes to
start out with that will be potential hazardous, this is why Network
Solutions should be considered the authority on this issue hands down!!!

     Thanks for you time!

Number: 142
From:      Sanders Kaufman <bucky@ns1.cmpu.net>
To:        "'dns@ntia.doc.gov'" <dns@ntia.doc.gov>
Date:      7/29/97 4:14am
Subject:   re:  Comments on Domain Names

I'm submitting these comments in regard to the article on Domain Names
published by Paul Chavez of MSNBC. 

I was always taught to buy land because "they ain't makin' no more of it". 
It was something I heard a lot in the early days of the Internet with
regards to domain names.  I didn't believe it then and I don't believe it

Land is a scarce natural resource, but information technology is not. 
Each is valuable, but we can create as many domain names as are necessary
to supply the entire market.  Because we can't do that with arable land,
millions of people are starving. 

The current domain name structure allows for more than enough domains to
go around, and the proposed naming structure will have absolutely no
impact on that number - therefore there is no technical reason not to
allow the addition of a few Top Level Domains. 

With a saturated market, as we have with domain names, where everyone can
have as much as they want, the one with a monopoly on that market is
guaranteed to make money.  Anybody else who enters this market will not be
able to offer a "better" or "cheaper" product since the product is based
on an open standard which anyone may use. 

Allowing open competition will change neither the level of service, nor
the price.  Competition helps keep the market leaders honest by shining
light on their activities.  Anyone entering the market would do so out of
a motivation for administering domain names, rather than for large profits
- a noble intention. 

Do not restrict entry into this market.  It is very capable of keeping
itself level. 

CC:        "'inetcauc@hr.house.gov'" <inetcauc@hr.house.gov>