07-30-97 Electronic Filings on Internet Domain Names


Number: 143
From:      Peter Seebach <seebs@taniemarie.solon.com>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date:      7/30/97 3:34pm
Subject:   About domain names...

Here's my commentary:

I don't care that much how many domain names there are.  I don't care
that much who administers them.

However, I want, more than anything else, for there to be choice.

Right now, there is no choice.  If I want a domain name, I can go to
Network Solutions.  Network Solutions has the worst service I've experienced
from any company.  Ever.

They have cut off service due to billing errors on their part.  They
have double-billed.  They have triple-billed.

I have spent *THREE MONTHS* trying to get a double-bill on a domain I
administer resolved.  They do not call me back, or respond to voice
mail.  They ignore the fact that they have $50 of money they haven't

When our domain was cut off due to a billing error, there was a two day
period (business days, even) during which our domain was still marked
as "on hold", but the customer service representatives insisted, for the
entire two days, that the record was *not* on hold, and that it would take
at most another fifteen minutes to propagate.  They made statements like
"yes, the database is being forwarded out as we speak", even though
their own systems were showing it still crippled.

This could not, and would not, survive in a free marketplace.

As an administrator of several domains, and a small ISP, I want, most of
all, for there to be freedom of choice among name service providers.

Network Solutions has had a couple of years to show us a vision of what
domain name service should be like; they have shown us incompetence,
dishonesty, and flagrant lack of interest in the functioning of the
service they provide.

I don't object to NS being in business; I merely object to being required
to do business with them.  Let the other companies who want to do this
compete, and we'll see a healthy marketplace evolve.