From: "John S. Quarterman" <>
To: NTIA.NTIAHQ(BBURR,dnspolicy),NTIADC40.SMTP40("Ira_...
Date: 9/30/98 12:37pm
Subject: more time for WP

Dear Mr. Magaziner, Ms. Burr, and Ms. Rose,

Today is the deadline specified in the White Paper, (``Management of Internet Names and Addresses,'' Docket Number: 980212036-8146-02). Many people have striven to meet it, but their efforts have not yet converged.

Jon Postel has in the past few days called for different kinds of names to be submitted for the interim board of the new entity, and has said that he needs more name submissions from outside North America. This indicates that more thought needs to go into the composition of the interim board.

Karl Auerbach reports that the IFWP consensus points his group has organized for integration into the IANA/NSI draft of bylaws and articles has not been adequately addressed, As a long-time IETF participant and a participant throughout the IFWP process, he should be listened to, and the work of many people in IFWP meetings organized on four continents should not be ignored.

From Europe RIPE, the oldest and most organized regional Internet group, reports,, that too many substantive changes have been made recently to the IANA draft, and that ``at this time the RIPE NCC cannot support the current drafts or commit to participate in a new IANA constituted by them.'' This is from an organization that has consistently put its money where its mouth is, supporting IANA financially on several occasions, most recently in putting forward $50,000 USD towards operations of the current IANA in the very same document in which it criticizes the draft bylaws of the new one.

From Asia, there is a notable lack of publicly-expressed support for the current IANA draft of the new entity bylaws.

From Latin America and the Caribbean, El Foro has expressed support for the IFWP consensus points,, but not for the IANA draft. The new Latin American and Caribbean Internet Association (ALCI),, formed partly from the incentive of the Buenos Aires IFWP meeting, has not yet had time to finish properly organizing itself.

The new country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) organizations, such as APCCTLD,, that have sprung up as result of the IFWP process and the White Paper have not yet been properly integrated into the new entity's structure.

Many people and organizations have worked hard and quickly to meet the 30 September 1998 deadline. That deadline has proven very useful in focussing that work; I commend you and the others who set that deadline. I particularly commend both IANA and NSI for actually producing draft articles and bylaws, and the numerous IFWP participants for producing consensus points. But their work is not yet finished.

Please extend the deadline for another month. Please request all parties that have produced substantive drafts or substantive comments of new entity articles and bylaws to merge them, to incorporate input from all the appropriate regional and ccTLD Internet bodies, and to pay special attention to the existing Internet regional organizations such as RIPE, APNIC, ARIN, and el Foro or ALCI that have longstanding experience in Internet governance. Finally, please request an interim board for the new entity that is composed of people experienced in Internet governance, and approved by the existing regional Internet organizational bodies RIPE, APNIC, ARIN, and ALCI.

John S. Quarterman <>
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