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NeuStar Contract for Management of .us Internet Domain.

Modification 005 to the contract with NeuStar, September 1, 2008 (pdf)
Modification 004 to the contract with NeuStar, My 27, 2008 (pdf)
Modification 003 to the contract with NeuStar, April 30, 2008 (pdf)
Modification 002 to the contract with NeuStar, December 10, 2007 (pdf)
Modification 001 to the contract with NeuStar, November 1, 2007 (pdf)


NeuStar Proposal (Incorporated by Reference):

Transmittal Letter

Table of Contents
  List of Acronyms
  Compliance Matrix
  Executive Summary
  A. usTLD Team
  B. Contractor Requirements
      • Scope of Services
      • Scope of Work
  C. NeuStar’s Vision for the usTLD
  D. Additional Services and Functions
  E. State of the Space
  F. Delegated Manager and WHOIS Database Specifications
  G. usTLD Delegated Manager Contracts
  H. Expanded usTLD Registrars Contracts
  I. Kids.us Registrar Agreements
  J. Written Policies
  K. Registration Process
  L. Outreach
  M. Funding for the usTLD
  N. Contractor Costs
  O. Financial Plans
  P. Financial Stability
  Q. Technical
  R. References
  S. Performance Measurements
  T. Representations and Certifications

Appendices Table of Contents
  A. US Service Enhancement Agreement (C.1)
  B. Bulk Transfer of Names After Partial Portfolio Acquisition of a Registrar (C.4)
  C. US Locality Compliance Report (C.5)
  D. US Delegated Manager Agreements (G)
  E. usTLD Accreditation Agreements (H)
  F. KIDS Agreements (I):
  G. usTLD Dispute Resolution Policy (J.2)
  H. US Nexus Policies and Agreements (J.3)
  I. Transfer Policy (J.4)

16 October 2007 Revision to Contactor's Quote

The Internet domain that parents and children can trust: kids.us!

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