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A recent report by Computerworld, which was posted on August 7, 1998 at the CNN Interactive web site, incorrectly reports that the Administration has asked the United States Postal Service (USPS) to design a plan that would link e-mail addresses with citizens' street addresses.

On August 3, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a Request for Comment (RFC) on issues involving the future expansion and administration of the .us domain space. The RFC poses for public comment questions related to the future of .us administration including, how domain names should be assigned under .us, the type of entity that should administer .us, and the role of the states and localities in domain name registration, among others. The request for comment is intended to elicit a broad range of suggestions for managing the .us domain space, all of which will be considered by the Department. The Administration has not specifically solicited or endorsed proposals by any U.S. Government agency, private organization or individual.

The Department of Commerce is requesting public comment on the .us to further explore how management and administration of .us could be optimized or enhanced to encourage increased registrations in the .us name space. The Department's Request for Comment is publically available at The deadline for submitting comments is September 3, 1998. All comments received will be posted on NTIA's home page at