From: Andre-John Mas <>

To: NTIA.NTIAHQ(usdomain)

Date: 8/12/98 10:55am

Subject: Locality based domains and national domains

In most cases the names,, are the best approach.

At the same time the existing locality based approach also has its

merits. The instances where I see the locality based names of being

possible use is for shops who only have one outlet and for community

based applications. Local use would not have the sector indicator (e.g.

.com), in order to keep the domain name to three elements (e.g. Cost differences would also be important in deciding

whether a business uses the locality based domain or the national sector

domain - small business would choose the cheaper locality alternative,

whereas business that really do have a national market would chooses the

national sector domain.

Conflicting claims in theory shouldn't happen nationally because

companies should not be able to have the same name, in reality companies

like to chop off sections of their name to make them shorter and easier

to remember. International companies (companies existing in more than

one country) should be enouraged to use the international domain .com

and leave the national domain for someone else. Companies wishing to

register a given domain name should have to make a statement as to why

the should be allowed to use the domain name. Also, if a company wants

to use a national domain name or international domain name, they should

show they will be providing appropriate content to the geographical zone

they want to be in. For example, a company in the domain must

show that they will provide service to the whole of the USA and a

company in the .com domain must show the will provide service worldwide.

This approach also helps consumers in deciding whether they will be in a

disadvantage simply because of their geographical location.

However domain names are administered I believe that the parties

responable should be regulated by the government and have to answer to

the respective goverment when something goes wrong. The control of such

entities as domains are considered monopolostic, in the sense that this

not a case where competition can be introduced ( think of car

regristrations ) and therefore 100% private control would encourage

unfair practice by the firm in control.

Fees are useful in the sense that they help make people think twice in

owning a domain (avoids careless and greedy use of domain names ) and

should help pay for the administration costs. If profits are made

through the registration service, then the money should be invested into

the internet section of the given zone, for example: would invest money into the Calfornia network would invest money into the US network

.com would invest money into the global network

(the amount would be split up equally between member





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From: "Robert W. C. Combs" <>

To: NTIA.NTIAHQ(usdomain)

Date: 8/12/98 1:04am

Subject: us domain

I would like to see United States domains have the ".us" in them. I would have used the .us domain when I bought my company name, but alas it appeared to be for government use only.

If this change comes about I would like to see the ".us" tagged in just after the company name, or allow those of us with a domain name first chance of securing it under the new naming structure if necessary. Having the state address included, as it apparently is now, would be awkward for those other than state owned sites.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.


From: Michael Taylor Alvarez <>

To: NTIA.NTIAHQ(usdomain)

Date: 8/12/98 5:32pm

Subject: I am a member of ISOC.ORG

Karen Rose

Office of International Affairs (OIA)

National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

Room 4701

U.S. Department of Commerce

14th and Constitution Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20230

I have invested most oaf my time and resources in order to secure Internet

Domain Names for entrepreneurial ventures.

I propose you allow all registrants of domain names to have the option of

registering their domain name at ".us" before it is opened to the general

public. The name of the game is that whomever has the right name has the

leading edge over the competition. Please consider the diminishing value of

current domain names and allow my proposal to take place.

Michael Taylor Alvarez

Net Commerce Consulting

6128 W 9740 N

Highland, Utah 84003