From: Nate Angell <>

To: NTIA.NTIAHQ(usdomain)

Date: 9/18/98 11:49pm

Subject: .us domain comments

Karen Rose

Office of International Affairs, NTIA

Room 4701, U.S. Department of Commerce

14th and Constitution Avenue N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20230

Dear Ms. Rose:

In order to maintain the values which are key to the Internet's growth, and to set an example to the world Internet community, I ask that NTIA make a high priority of the following policy recommendations put forth by the Domain Name Rights Coalition:

a) That the protection of free speech be a primary policy goal for those overseeing the .us domain.

b) That "No Internet policy will prevent individuals or businesses from using their full imagination and creativity to create and label products, services and content for the Internet, just as they do in traditional channels of communication and commerce."

c) That policies for the .us domain "will affirmatively and expressly set out protections for free speech and open communication, as well as protections for intellectual property rights in the digital environment."

d) That these policies "will protect and promote the development of new Internet products and services by entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as the ongoing marketing and sale of products and services by long-established companies."

Thank you,

Nathan Angell

88 Lexington Avenue

New York NY 10016