From: "James F. Ford" <>

To: NTIA.NTIAHQ(usdomain)

Date: 9/3/98 6:56pm

Subject: TLD

Attn. Karen Rose, NTIA-OIA

I just read with great interest an article explaining some of the options your Agency is considering for the .us TLD.

For the record ABCO supports the reorganization of existing government domains under .us. It is for too confusing to include all of the abbreviations now in use by the various federal, states and political subdivisions.

We also agree fully with the idea of the Federal government establishing an E-Mail address for every citizen. Considering the impact of E-Mail on the present and future generations, we feel this would be a most prudent move in the right direction. I understand the USPS has suggested this concept within the past year or so. Who would have a better database to work from that the USPS?

If you have established a mailing list for information on these topics, please add my name to the list or advise how I can obtain updated information from one of your web sites if available.


James F. Ford