Registration Process for High-Speed Wireless Links Becomes Web-based on February 8, 2005


Assistant Commerce Secretary Michael D. Gallagher (right) and GigaBeam Co-Founder and President Doug Lockie (left) review NTIA's Frequency Coordination Web site http://FreqCoord.ntia.doc.gov on February 8th at GigaBeam's Herndon, Virginia headquarters while industry counsel Scott Blake Harris looks on. GigaBeam manufactures E band (60-90 MHz) radios that send and receive "pencil beams" of data from point-to-point at gigabit (1,000 megabit) speed. Link registrations in several 70-80-90 GHz bands may now be automatically coordinated through the Web-based system. In order to access the system, a geographic nationwide license from the FCC is necessary.


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