Appendix C: List of Commenters and Acronyms

Acronym                         Commenter

ACLI                               American Council of Life Insurers
AIA                                 American Insurance Association
Baker & McKenzie          Baker & McKenzie
b4bpartner                        b4bpartner Inc.
CT AG                            Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Attorney General
California                         California Department of Consumer Affairs
Crocker                           Thomas E. Crocker
CU                                  Consumers Union
CF                                   Customers Forever, LLC
Dayanim                           Behnam Dayanim
DST                                 Digital Signature Trust Co.
EFSC**                           Electronic Financial Services Council
E*Trade                           E*Trade Bank
Fidelity                             Fidelity Investments
GAO                               U.S. General Accounting Office
Greenfield                        Michael M. Greenfield
Household                        Household Bank (Nevada), N.A., et al.
iLumin                              iLumin Corporation
ICI                                   Investment Company Institute
Mandy                             David Mandy, for Authentidate
NACAA                          National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators
NCLC**                         National Consumer Law Center
NewRiver                        NewRiver, Inc.
Notaries                           Pennsylvania Association of Notaries
SIA                                  Securities Industry Association
Selwood                           Selwood Research
Silanis                               Silanis Technology, Inc.
SIIA                                 Software & Information Industry Association
VeriSign                           VeriSign Corporation
Visa                                 Visa U.S.A., Inc.
Wachovia                         Wachovia Corporation, etal.
Winn                                 Jane Kaufman Winn
Yen**                              Elizabeth C. Yen, Esq.
Yuroka                             Yuroka

** Denotes that commenter also submitted a supplemental comment after the Public Workshop. References in the Report to supplemental comments will be cited as [Acronym] Supp. at [page].