Appendix E: Workshop Participants

1. b4bpartner, Inc. (Thomas Wells)
2. Consumers Union (Gail Hillebrand)
3. Behnam Dayanim, Esq.
4. Digital Signature Trust (Thomas Greco)
5. Electronic Financial Services Council (Jerry Buckley)
6. E*Trade Bank (John Buchman)
7. Fidelity Investments (Paul Gallagher)
8. Household Bank (Jeff Wood)
9. Investment Company Institute (Robert A. Wittie)
10. iLumin Corporation (Dr. Bruce E. Brown)
11. National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators (Wendy Weinberg)
12. National Consumer Law Center (Margot Saunders)
13. NewRiver, Inc. (Virginia Gobats)
14. Selwood Research (Christopher Smithies, Jeremy Newman)
15. Software & Information Industry Association (Mark Bohannon)
16. Silanis Technology, Inc. (Michael Laurie)
17. VeriSign Corporation (James Brandt)
18. Visa (Mark MacCarthy)
19. Wachovia Corporation (Jane Stafford)
20. Jane Kaufman Winn, Professor of Law
21. Elizabeth C. Yen, Esq.