October 9, 2001

Assistant Secretary Nancy J. Victory Announces Appointments Of Mike Gallagher,
Bill Bailey and Steve Madden to NTIA Staff

Nancy J. Victory, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator, has named Michael D. Gallagher, formerly of Verizon Wireless, to be Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information starting November 2nd; William J. Bailey, III, formerly of Coreexpress, Inc., to be NTIA Senior Advisor starting October 11th; and Stephen J. Madden, IV, formerly of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to be NTIA Special Assistant starting October 10th.

Statement of Nancy J. Victory

"These three individuals each bring considerable regulatory and legislative experience to NTIA, and I am pleased to welcome them to my office. They are each proven team players, and I am counting on them to help us achieve our various goals and objectives.

"Mike Gallagher has an ideal background to serve as my deputy. When he was the administrative assistant to Rep. Rick White, Mike demonstrated the management skills and policy background that will be critical to his new role at NTIA. Rep. White's position as head of the Internet caucus, and Mike's work on the Telecommunications Act of 1996, give him a detailed understanding of how legislative solutions can be structured and implemented. More recently, he has gained significant real-world experience in the telecommunications industry. Mike has looked at the issues facing wireless carriers from the inside.

"Bill Bailey, likewise, is extremely qualified for his new role as Senior Advisor at NTIA. Bill's first-hand experience with the challenges facing a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), and his understanding of broadband and infrastructure issues, will make him a valuable member of the NTIA staff. Furthermore, his experience in the Common Carrier Bureau at FCC provides an added dimension to his command of telecommunications issues.

"Finally, Steve Madden, who joins us from another position within the Bush Administration, brings knowledge and understanding from both the Executive Branch and Capitol Hill. Steve will be working with NTIA's Office of International Affairs on numerous efforts and initiatives within the global telecommunications policy arena."