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  October 14, 2004
Contact: Clyde Ensslin or
Ranjit de Silva, 202-482-7002

Statement by Assistant Secretary Michael D. Gallagher on FCC Broadband Actions
President's goal of universal, affordable access three giant steps closer

"The President's goal of universal, affordable access to broadband for all Americans by 2007 moved three giant steps closer today when the FCC voted to allow a third broadband wire into American homes, acted to clear 45 MHz of spectrum for commercial uses, and also clarified the obligations of existing fiber carriers. The Commission's actions today open the door to new market entrants competing with innovative new technologies, and at the same time provide regulatory clarity to existing competitors."

"The FCC's decision to authorize the widespread deployment of broadband over power lines (BPL) was made possible through a model of cooperation between FCC and NTIA staffs to develop responsible technical rules that fully address the potential for harmful interference to vital radio systems. With this decision, BPL is poised to become the "third wire" into American homes, bringing more choices and lower costs to consumers. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and technical excellence demonstrated by NTIA's Office of Spectrum Management and the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology."

"In another important move that promotes wireless broadband deployment, the Commission approved an order amending rules to make the 1710-1755 MHz spectrum available to new advanced wireless services. Today's order is a critical step for the relocation of existing federal government users, and highlights the importance of the spectrum relocation bill pending in Congress."

"By clarifying the unbundling obligations of broadband providers, the FCC provides incentives for incumbent telephone companies to expand their broadband networks. Allowing carriers the flexibility to deploy multiple fiber architectures ensures that technology - not regulation - will define consumer choices, and ensures that residential consumers will enjoy all the benefits of world class high-speed Internet connections."

"I commend Chairman Powell and his fellow Commissioners for their actions in support of our country's broadband agenda."

Statement by Michael D. Gallagher
Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information

October 14, 2004


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