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June 7, 2006
Contact: Ranjit de Silva



Pilot Program to study feasibility of increased spectrum sharing
between federal and non-federal users


The Commerce Department today called for public comment on a proposed spectrum sharing test bed to explore innovative ways to make more intensive use of the nation’s airwaves and promote continued economic growth and national security.


The test bed proposal, a key recommendation of President Bush’s Spectrum Policy Initiative, would enable federal and non-federal users of spectrum to test ideas on new ways to share the finite radio spectrum.


The department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration, in a notice to be published in the Federal Register tomorrow, will invite parties to file comments on issues related to establishing the Spectrum Sharing Innovation test bed.


These issues include identification of technologies and services; establishment of processes, principles and guidelines; identification of candidate frequency band (s); and activation, termination and evaluation of the test bed.    


The Federal Communications Commission also is soliciting public comment on issues related to the test bed through a separate public notice. As part of the test bed, NTIA and the FCC will each identify approximately 10 MHz of spectrum.


The Test-Bed will build on the successful sharing arrangements between federal and non-federal users at 5GHz and in the 70, 80, and 90 GHz bands and will drive future innovation and the expansion of sharing to benefit government and commercial users.


Two years after establishment of the test bed, NTIA and the FCC will develop reports outlining the results and suggesting appropriate procedures for expanding the test bed as appropriate.


The text of the notice will be available on NTIA’s website at www.ntia.doc.gov  tomorrow.

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