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2005 Press Releases

Commerce Releases Costs to Open Up Spectrum for Advanced Wireless Broadband Services
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Posted 12-28-2005

Assistant Secretary Michael Gallagher Announces Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee
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Spectrum Advisory Committee Charter
Spectrum Advisory Committee
Posted 10-27-2005

Statement of NTIA Administrator Michael D. Gallagher On FCC Inquiry into Scope and Impact of Anticompetitive Behavior by Foreign Carriers on U.S. Consumers
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Posted 08-15-2005

Statement by Assistant Secretary Michael D. Gallagher on the FCC's Adoption of Wireline Broadband Internet Access Order
Posted 08-05-2005

Statement by Assistant Secretary Michael D. Gallagher on the FCC's Adoption of Advanced Wireless Services Rules
Posted 08-05-2005

Eric R. Stark new Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy Analysis and Development: Eric R. Stark of San Mateo, California, has joined NTIA as Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy Analysis and Development. In this capacity he directs the department that conducts research and analysis and prepares policy recommendations for Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information Michael D. Gallagher.
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Posted 07-25-2005

Wireless Security Forum:  NTIA hosts a public wireless security forum titled Pharmers and Spimmers, Hackers and Bluejackers: Combating Wireless Security Threats on July 20, 2005. The forum will focus on existing/potential security vulnerabilities of wireless communications; including the private sector and governmental response to those vulnerabilities.
Media Advisory 07-18-2005 [-- HTML -- MSWord -- PDF --]
Press Release 07-12-2005 [-- HTML -- MSWord -- PDF --]
Posted 07-12-2005

World Radiocommunication Conferences: NTIA Report 05-427: Recommendations for Improvement in the United States Preparatory Process for World Radiocommunication Conferences.
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Posted 05-23-2005

On-Line Registration For Spectrum: NTIA and FCC Launch On-Line Registration for High-Speed Wireless Links Sharing Spectrum in the 70-80-90 GHz Bands.
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Posted 02-08-2005

Spectrum Policy: NTIA and Federal Agencies Begin to Implement Spectrum Policy for the 21st Century
Posted 01-28-2005

NTIA Process for Spectrum Auction: 90 MHz of Spectrum Coming to Market: NTIA Kicks Off Agency Process for 2006 Auction
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Posted 01-06-2005

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