May 14, 1999

Contact: Mary Hanley
(202) 482-7002


Washington - Today the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced that it has established an electronic mailing list for a public discussion regarding the management and administration of .us domain space. A notice, which includes instructions on how to subscribe to the mailing list, appears in the Federal Register today and on the NTIA web site at

Following a March 9, 1999 public meeting hosted by NTIA, a broad range of participants representing the education, public interest, government, technology and business communities strongly recommended further discussions on .us issues and requested that NTIA establish an electronic mailing list to facilitate the interchange.

All parties interested in the discussion of .us domain space issues are invited and encouraged to participate. In an effort to provide the public an open forum to freely discuss the broad range of issues regarding the .us domain space, NTIA will not actively moderate the mailing list. NTIA requests that participants keep discussions focused on issues related to the future management and administration of the .us domain space. Digest archives of mailing list discussions may be posted periodically on the NTIA web site.

The .us domain is the "national" or "country code" top level domain (ccTLD) assigned to the United States for domain name registration and is currently administered by the University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute (USC-ISI) as a locality-based hierarchy. The .us domain has typically been used by branches of state and local government. The launch of the .us mailing list is part of NTIA's continuing efforts to work with the public to explore issues surrounding future administration and management of the .us domain.

The views expressed in the mailing list are not necessarily endorsed by the Department of Commerce or NTIA. Moreover, the Department of Commerce and NTIA reserve the right not to post comments that the Department of Commerce or NTIA deems inappropriate. Hard copies of the Federal Register notice are available by calling NTIA's Office of Public Affairs at 202-482-7002.


For media inquiries, please call Mary Hanley, NTIA Public Affairs, at 202-482-7002, or visit NTIA's home page at NTIA serves as the principal adviser to the Executive Branch on domestic and international telecommunications and information issues.