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NTIA's Office of International Affairs provides the following links as a public service, without vouching for their veracity. Please email dsteinour@ntia.doc.gov with additional useful links. Please note that we try to include sites that are institutional, organizational, or educational in nature. Corporate or marketing sites will not be listed, unless they provide unusually valuable information regarding international and corporate trends and/or valuable links.

Industry Associations and Institutes: General Information

Industry Associations and Institutes: Standards

Industry Associations and Institutes: Financial Institutions

Industry Associations and Institutes: Group of Eight

International Telecommunication Union (ITU): General

International Telecommunication Union (ITU): Development Reports

General Country Information

News/Educational Sources: Telecom and Mass Media

News/Educational Sources: Internet News

News/Educational Sources: Internet Education

News/Educational Sources: General

United Nations

World Bank

Trade and Economic Organizations

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Development

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Non-Profits

Issue or Topic Area: Consumer Policy

Issue or Topic Area: Electronic Signatures

Issue or Topic Area: Gender

Issue or Topic Area: Domain Names

Issue or Topic Area: Intellectual Property Rights

Issue or Topic Area: Interconnection

Issue or Topic Area: Electonic Commerce (E-commerce)

Issue or Topic Area: Equipment Licensing

Issue or Topic Area: Voice Telephony

Issue or Topic Area: Network Security

Issue or Topic Area: Privacy

Issue or Topic Area: Rural Development

Issue or Topic Area: Wireless Internet

Satellite Information

Spectrum, 3G, 4G, Wireless & PCS

Statistics, Surveys, and Maps

Submarine Cable

Embassies and Flags

Travel: Currency Converters

Travel: Government Resources

Travel: Hotels

Travel: Maps

Travel: People Searches, Directories and International Calls

Travel: Railways

Travel: Guides

Annual Conferences

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