The Minority Telecommunications Development Program (MTDP) of the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration has collected data on minority ownership of commercial radio and television stations in the United States annually since 1990.

The data collected indicates that in 1994 the percentage of commercial broadcast stations owned overall by minorities is 2.9%, an increase from 2.7% in 1993. This is a net gain of 21 stations, reflecting 38 new stations owned by minorities, and a decrease of 17 stations because of sale to a non-minority, financial failure, or unknown reasons. Hispanic ownership of AM and FM radio accounted for 25 of the 38 new stations acquired. Hispanics also gained 1 UHF television station. Black ownership of television stations increased by 2, but Black ownership of radio stations decreased. Black ownership of FM stations showed no change because the gain of 6 FM stations offset the decrease of 6. Black ownership of AM stations increased by 2 and decreased by 11, for a net loss of 9. Asian-American ownership increased by 1 AM and 1 FM station. Native-American ownership did not change.

For purposes of this minority broadcast ownership list, MTDP deems "minority ownership" to exist when Blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, or any combination thereof own more than 50 percent of a broadcast corporation's stock, or have voting control in a broadcast partnership.

MTDP used a similar methodology to collect data each year. MTDP updated the information from previous years based on anecdotal information from various sources and periodicals. MTDP then telephoned each station to verify the ownership information. Although MTDP attempted to speak with the owner or general manager of stations contacted, that did not always occur. MTDP assumed that respondents answered accurately. When telephone service for a station was disconnected, and directory assistance did not list an alternative telephone number for the station's call letters or licensee name, MTDP assumed that the station was off the air and deleted it from the list.

The accuracy of each listing in this report is limited to the accuracy of the information supplied by station representatives contacted by MTDP. Any corrections to the current list would therefore be appreciated. This methodology does not assure a complete listing of all U.S. commercial radio and television stations owned by minorities.




Table: Minority Commercial Broadcast Ownership, 1992 - 1994

Minority Broadcast Ownership List