How do I identify a broadcast station that is for sale?

Station brokers and communications attorneys can assist you in identifying stations that are for sale. You may also want to contact the individual station owners directly to see if they are interested in selling their station. (See resource listing enclosed for help in identifying station brokers, attorneys and owners).

Does the FCC maintain a list of stations that are for sale?

The FCC does not have a list of stations for sale since the Commission is notified of the sale after the contract is signed between a buyer and seller. The FCC is not involved in the negotiations of the contract.

Once the contract is signed, what information does the FCC require before I can take over the ownership of the station?

After you and the seller have signed a purchase agreement, you should file a copy of the agreement with the FCC within 30 days. You are required to file an application, Form 314, with the FCC at that time or shortly thereafter, to request assignment of the station from the previous owner to you. You cannot take over operation of the station until that application has been approved by the FCC.

How long will it take to process my application once it is received by the FCC?

The FCC can process your application in approximately 60-90 days if there are no problems with the application which would require additional information or review.

Is there a filing fee for filing my assignment application with the FCC?

There is a $565.00 filing fee required to be submitted with the application Form 314 at the time of filing.

What happens once my application is granted by the FCC?

Once your application has been granted by the Commission, you have a 60 day period to consummate the sale. You should notify the Commission immediately, within 24 hours, of your consummation date. If additional time is needed to consummate, you may request an extension of time from the Commission to extend the 60 day consummation period. Also, within 30 days after the consummation date, you are required to file an Ownership Report, Form 323, with the FCC.

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