The Minority Telecommunications Development Program
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration
The United States Department of Commerce
14th and Constitution Avenue, NW, Suite 4725
Washington, DC 20230


The Minority Telecommunications Development Program (MTDP) was established in 1978 as a part of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to develop programs and policies that increase minority ownership of broadcast and telecommunications businesses. MTDP offers a variety of services to support the development of economically viable minority and women-owned telecommunications businesses.


MTDP administers ComTrain, which provides broadcast management training for minorities and women who own or have FCC authorization to build full-service and low-power commercial radio and television stations in the United States.

MTDP routinely employs minority undergraduate students studying Telecommunications, Mass Communications, and (or) Public Policy to provide them with hands-on experience in the fundamentals of legislative and telecommunications policy development.


MTDP disseminates information gathered from its research through publications, issue forums, conferences, and on-line data services.

MTDP maintains information on new business development, telecommunications financing, emerging technologies, new business opportunities, broadcast station acquisition and broadcast management, broadcast ownership, and telecommunications policy, technological developments and upcoming industry meetings.

MTDP produces a monthly newsletter which will provide an update of its programs and highlight important industry news.

MTDP maintains an on-line telecommunications business development resource center.


The second part of ComTrain offers consultation to minority broadcast owners who participated in the first phase of the program and who have stations that are on the air.

MTDP employs Policy Analysts and Researchers who provide consultation to minority entrepreneurs and businesses in the areas of telecommunications business development.


In April 1995, MTDP completed a report entitled, "Capital Formation and Investment in Minority Business Enterprises In The Telecommunications Industries."

MTDP collects data on minority broadcast ownership and annually produces a report on minority-owned commercial broadcast stations in the United States.


MTDP sponsors and co-sponsors conferences that are designed to bring minority entrepreneurs, financiers, policymakers, community leaders and business owners together to exchange information, share expertise, and brainstorm about how to increase business opportunities for minorities in the telecommunications industry.

MTDP will sponsor quarterly issue forums to create an opportunity for the Assistant Secretary to hear diverse perspectives from the minority business community on domestic and foreign policy issues.


Tatia Williams, Acting Director

LaVern James, Telecommunications Policy Analyst

Louis Camphor III, Telecommunications Policy Analyst

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Hours of Operation: 9am - 5:30pm