Motorola Announces Open Network Architecture for MIRS

Motorola's Land Mobile Products Sector will license the essential intellectual property rights for infrastructure and subscriber interfaces for its Motorola Integrated Radio System technology for alternate suppliers in the wireless communications industry. The advanced digital system incorporates radio dispatch, full-duplex telephone interconnect, alphanumeric short message service and future data capabilities through a single network and subscriber product. To reflect the nonproprietary nature of the technology and to emphasize the target market of providing wireless communications for work groups, the name has been changed to iDENtm or Integrated Enhanced Dispatch Network.


Convergence Revenue

Revenues from integrated fixed and mobile numbering services will peak at USD5.9 billion in the USA in 2002 and USD4.88 billion in Europe in 2004, says a new study by research group Ovum, London.

In its study, "Fixed and Mobile Networks: The Business Opportunity for Convergent Services, Ovum says revenues from personal numbering services will grow from nil in 1995 to around USD 1 billion in 2005 in both Europe and the USA.

Ovum's study distinguishes between integrated fixed and mobile numbering and integrated service UPT (Universal Personal Telecommunications).

Integrated fixed and mobile numbering allows business customers to integrate their fixed and mobile network numbering plans. Integrated service UPT allocates a unique telephone number to each subscriber and uses this to rationalize the provision of multiple services such as call handling, messaging and billing, and to streamline accounting. Fixed and Mobile Networks: the Business Opportunity for Convergent Services, by Mari Vahanissi and Malcom Tott. Priced at STG1195 in Europe, AUD2895 in Australia and USD2220 in the rest of the world.

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