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The Internet and the growth of electronic commerce are dramatically enhancing access to information. The U.S. supports the broadest possible flow of information and content over the Internet, but also recognizes the concerns of consumers regarding on-line pornography and other material that parents may deem harmful or inappropriate for children. With respect to inappropriate content, the U.S. supports an industry-led, self-regulatory approach reinforced by enhanced consumer awareness and the widespread availability of consumer empowerment technology. An example of such a private sector initiative is "GetNetWise." This is an easily accessible online resource for parents that provides information on Internet safety tips, consumer content filtering products, law enforcement contacts, and guides to quality educational and age-appropriate online content.


On December 4, 2002, President Bush signed into law the Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act of 2002 that requires NTIA to oversee the establishment of "kids.us" as a safe space for kids on the Internet. The President expressed his strong support for creating a positive Internet experience for America's children.

The kids.us domain will provide a trusted online forum for children 13 and under. See www.kids.us. NeuStar Inc. is operating this space on behalf of NTIA. To ensure that content on kids.us is "suitable for minors," all websites must conform to guidelines that are set forth at www.kids.us/content_policy/index.html. No interactive services or hyperlinks that take a user outside of the kids.us domain are allowed. Neustar will remove content that violates the guidelines.

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The Internet domain that parents and children can trust: kids.us!

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