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Wireless Communications and Radio Spectrum Policy
Speeches, Letters and Filings: 2002 - 2005

  • Spectrum Management: Deputy Assistant Secretary John M. R. Kneuer spoke on "The President's Spectrum Management Memorandum: Understanding Impacts on Innovation and Technology" at the eGov Wireless/RFID Conference in Washington, DC. (2/28/05)
    [HTML -- PowerPoint -- pdf]

  • Wireless Broadband: Assistant Secretary Michael D. Gallagher spoke on "The President's Broadband Vision and the Proliferation of Wireless Broadband Technologies" on October 1 at Law Seminars International, Seattle, Washington. (10/02/04)[HTML -- PowerPoint]

  • Spectrum and Wireless Services: Assistant Secretary Michael D. Gallagher discussed Spectrum and Wireless Services on September 16 at the U.S.-E.U. Information Society Dialogue, Brussels, Belgium. (9/30/04)[HTML -- PowerPoint]

  • Disruptive Wireless: Assistant Secretary Michael D. Gallagher gave a presentation as part of the "Disruptive Wireless" panel at the Supernova 2004 conference, Santa Clara, CA. (6/25/04)[HTML -- PowerPoint]

  • Wireless Symposium: Acting Assistant Secretary Michael Gallagher made opening remarks for the Wireless Telecom Symposium 2004, Pomona, CA. (5/14/04) [HTML -- PowerPoint]

  • WiFi: Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael D. Gallagher's gave presentation to the panel session "What's Next, WiFi" at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1/9/04) [PowerPoint]

Letters and Filings
  • FCC Analog Cellular Proceeding: In July 2002, NTIA filed a letter with the FCC in WT Docket No. 01-108, Year 2000 Biennial Regulatory Review -- Amendment of Part 22 of the Commission's Rules to Modify or Eliminate Outdated Rules Affecting the Cellular Radiotelephone Service and Other Commercial Mobile Radio Services.

  • Secondary Markets and Leasing: In March 2002, NTIA filed a letter with the FCC on Promoting Efficient Use of Spectrum Through Elimination of Barriers to the Development of Secondary Markets, WT Docket No. 00-230.
  • Spectrum "Cap": NTIA filed a letter with the FCC on Spectrum Aggregation Limits for Commercial Mobile Radio Services (WT Docket No. 01-14).
Note: For additional NTIA documents regarding wireless issues and spectrum management please see the "What's New" on NTIA's home page, or the Office of Spectrum Management home page.

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