List of Acronyms

The following acronyms are used in this report. Abbreviations for the names of commenters to our Notice are given in the Appendix.
AAC            Aeronautical Administrative Communications
AC/WPBX        Advanced Cordless/Wireless Private Branch Exchange
ACARS          Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System
ACSB           Amplitude Compandored Single Sideband
ACT            Air Combat Training
ACTS           Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ADS            Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ALE            Automatic Link Establishment
AMCP           Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel
AMSS           Aeronautical Mobile-Satellite Service
AMTS           Automated Maritime Telecommunications System
AOC            Aeronautical Operational Control
APC            Aeronautical Public Correspondence
ARES           Amateur Radio Emergency Service
ASDE           Airport Surface Detection Equipment
ATC            Air Traffic Control
ATCRBS         Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATDRSS         Advanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
ATS            Air Traffic Services
ATV            Advanced Television
AUXBC          Auxiliary Broadcasting
AVM            Automatic Vehicle Monitoring
AWACS          Airborne Warning and Control System
BETRS          Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
BIB            Board for International Broadcasting
BMD            Ballistic Missile Defense
BMEWS          Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BR             Radiocommunications Bureau
BSS            Broadcasting-Satellite Service
CAD            Computer-Aided Design
CARS           Cable Television Relay Service
CCCI or CI    Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
CD             Compact Disc
CDMA           Code Division Multiple Access
CEPT           European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
CFR            Code of Federal Regulations
CITEL          Inter-American Telecommunications Commission
CONUS          Conterminous United States
CPU            Central Processing Unit
DAB            Digital Audio Broadcasting
DARS           Digital Audio Radio Service
DBF            Digital Beam Former
DBS            Direct Broadcast Satellite
DCP            Data Collection Platform
DEA            Drug Enforcement Administration
DEMS           Digital Electronic Message Service
DEW            Distant Early Warning
DGPS           Differential Global Positioning System
DME            Distance Measuring Equipment
DOT            Department of Transportation
DSC            Digital Selective Calling
DSCS           Defense Satellite Communications System
DTS            Digital Termination Service
E-TDMA         Extended Time Division Multiple Access
EIA            Electronic Industries Association
EMC            Electromagnetic Compatibility
ENG            Electronic News Gathering
EOS            Earth Observation Satellite
ER             Extended Range
ESMR           Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
FANS           Future Air Navigation System
FAS            Frequency Assignment Subcommittee
FCC            Federal Communications Commission
FDMA           Frequency Division Multiple Access
FET            Field-Effect Transistor
FPLMTS         Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications Systems
FRP            Federal Radionavigation Plan
FSS            Fixed-Satellite Service
GBR            Ground-Based Radar
GMDSS          Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GNSS           Global Navigation Satellite System
GOES           Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GPS            Global Positioning System
GPWS           Ground Proximity Warning System
GSO            Geostationary Orbit
HDTV           High Definition Television
HEMT           High Electron Mobility Transistor
HF             High Frequency
HSD            Home Satellite Dish
IBOC           In-Band On-Channel
IC             Integrated Circuit
ICAO           International Civil Aviation Organization
ICR            Intercity Relay
ILS            Instrument Landing System
IMASS          Intelligent Multiple Access Spectrum Sharing
IMO            International Maritime Organization
IMPATT         Impact Avalanche and Transit Time
IMTS           Improved Mobile Telephone System
INMARSAT       International Maritime Satellite Organization
INTELSAT       International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
ISDN           Integrated Services Digital Network
ISM            Industrial, Scientific, and Medical
ITS            Intelligent Transportation System
ITS            Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
ITU            International Telecommunication Union
IVHS           Intelligent Vehicle Highway System
IXC            Interexchange Carrier
JSS            Joint Surveillance System
JTIDS          Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
LAN            Local Area Network
LEC            Local Exchange Carrier
LEO            Low-Earth Orbit
LF             Low Frequency
LMDS           Local Multipoint Distribution Service
LMS            Location and Monitoring Service
LMSS           Land Mobile-Satellite Service
LOS            Line-of-Sight
LPI            Low Probability of Intercept
MARS           Military Affiliate Radio System
MAS            Multiple Address Service
MDS            Multipoint Distribution Service
MES            Metal-Semiconductor
MLS            Microwave Landing System
MMDS           Multiband Multipoint Distribution Service
MMIC           Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMSS           Maritime Mobile-Satellite Service
mmw            Millimeter Wave
MSS            Mobile-Satellite Service
MUF            Maximum Usable Frequency
NAS            National Airspace System
NASTD          National Association of State Telecommunications Directors
NAVSPASUR      Naval Space Surveillance System
NBDP           Narrow Band Direct Printing
NDB            Nondirectional Radiobeacon
NIST           National Institute of Standards and Technology
NOI            Notice of Inquiry
NPRM           Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NRSC           National Radio Systems Committee
NTDC           New Technology Directions Committee
NTIA           National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTSC           National Television Systems Committee
NTU            New Threat Upgrade
NWS            National Weather Service
OR             Off-Route (aeronautical mobile and aeronautical mobile-satellite services)
OMB            Office of Management and Budget
OSCAR          Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
OTH            Over-the-Horizon
PAR            Precision Approach Radar
PCIA           Personal Communications Industry Association
PCP            Private Carrier Paging
PCS            Personal Communications Services
PDF            Probability Density Function
PLC            Power Line Carrier
PLMR           Private Land Mobile Radio
PRB            Private Radio Bureau
PSN            Public Switched Network
PSTN           Public Switched Telephone Network
PTS            Personal Telecommunications Services
QAM            Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QPSK           Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
QPSK-C         Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Compatible
R              Route (aeronautical mobile and aeronautical mobile-satellite services)
R&O            Report and Order
RACES          Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
RACON          Radar Transponder Beacon
RAJPO          Range Joint Project Office
RBW            Reverse Band Working
RDSS           Radiodetermination-Satellite Service
RFE            Radio Free Europe
RL             Radio Liberty
RNP            Required Navigation Performance
ROTHR          Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar
SAM            Surface-to-Air Missile
SBR            Spaceborne Radars
SCADA          Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SDI            Strategic Defense Initiative
SHARES         Shared Resource Program
SHL            Studio-to-Headend Link
SIR            Shuttle Imaging Radars
SLBM           Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles
SMR            Specialized Mobile Radio
SOLAS          Safety of Life at Sea
SSR            Secondary Surveillance Radar
SSTO           Single-Stage-to-Orbit
STL            Studio-to-Transmitter Link
TACAN          Tactical Air Navigation
TCAS           Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TCI            Telecommunications, Inc
TDMA           Time Division Multiple Access
TDRSS          Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
TDWR           Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
TT&C           Tracking, Telemetry and Command
TVA            Tennessee Valley Authority
TVRO           Television Receive-Only
TWT            Traveling Wave Tube
UAV            Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UHF            Ultra High Frequency
USAF           United States Air Force
USAT           Ultra-Small Aperture Terminal
USIA           United States Information Agency
US&P           United States and Possessions
UTC            Universal Coordinated Time
UWB            Ultra-Wideband
VLBI           Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VOR            VHF Omnidirectional Range
VORAD          Vehicle On-Board Radar
VSAT           Very Small Aperture Terminal
VTS            Vessel Traffic Service
WARC           World Administrative Radio Conference
WRC            World Radiocommunication Conference

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