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Executive Memorandum on Spectrum Policy Reform

Signed by President George W. Bush on May 29, 2003, and released by the White House on June 5, 2003, this Executive Memorandum

i) establishes a Spectrum Policy Initiative,
ii) designates the Secretary of Commerce to direct this initiative,
iii) defines the goals of the initiative,
iv) establishes a Federal Government Spectrum Task Force;
v) establishes a Public Outreach Program to address spectrum policy
improvements; and
vi) provides the Administration’s commitment to promote the development and implementation of a United States Spectrum Policy for the 21st Century.

As defined in this document, the Administration’s spectrum policy goals include:
i) fostering economic growth;
ii) ensuring U.S. national and homeland security;
iii) maintaining U.S. global leadership in communications technology
and services; and
iv) satisfying other vital U.S. needs in areas such as public, safety, scientific research, Federal transportation, infrastructure, and law enforcement.

The deliverables specified in this document are two reports to be delivered to the President. One report is to address recommendations for policy reform regarding the Federal Government’s spectrum use; and the second report is to address recommendations for policy reform regarding United States spectrum use as a whole including spectrum use by Federal agencies, State agencies, and industry.

Text of May 29, 2003, Executive Memorandum on Spectrum Policy Reform

The Federal Government Spectrum Task Force

NTIA's Public Outreach Program

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