- Text of NTIA's NOI on Spectrum Management Policy Reform

- Comments Filed in Response to this NOI

NTIA’s Notice of Inquiry on Spectrum Policy Reform and Comments Filed

Published in the Federal Register on February 2, 2004, this Notice of Inquiry seeks responses from both Federal and non-Federal entities on a broad range of spectrum management policy reform issues that will need to be addressed in developing the United States Spectrum Policy for the 21st Century. This NOI was issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration as part of the Public Outreach Program established in response to the President’s directives contained in the Executive Memorandum of May 29, 2003.

Prepared with the objective of obtaining extensive views from as many stakeholders as possible regarding their concerns in spectrum access/use and their recommendations for spectrum policy reform, this Notice of Inquiry is broad in scope. This breadth of scope is necessary because the spectrum management system (and associated spectrum policies) used by the United States is extensive (including both domestic and international elements), the issues raised are complex (including aspects that are technical, regulatory, economic, statutory, political, and diplomatic), and the likely fora where support will need to be developed for recommended spectrum policy reforms are numerous (including the Federal agencies, the US private sector, US's neighbors in the America's (CITEL) , the annual session of the ITU Council, and the 2006 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference).

The information contained in the comments filed in response to this NOI will be used by the Department of Commerce, as directed in the Executive Memorandum, in preparing the Report to the President that addresses recommendations for policy reform regarding United States spectrum use as a whole including spectrum use by Federal agencies, State agencies, and industry.

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