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NTIA Preparation for the World Radiocommunication Conferences

Proposal Process

NTIA and the FCC are responsible for drafting the United States Proposals and other conference related documents in preparation for the WRCs.  NTIA coordinates this effort for the Federal government, while the FCC coordinates this effort for the private sector.

There are two primary documents created in preparation for each conference, preliminary views and proposals. The preliminary views contain the United States' initial views in reference to the various agenda items contained in the agenda for the WRCs. These views are useful tools for disseminating our ideas and for collecting feedback from other administrations prior to the conference. The proposals are the formal documents that address the WRC agenda items. Once agreed, the U.S. will submit its proposals to the ITU. The U.S. also works closely within CITEL to try to develop common Inter-American proposals.

The process of creating the preliminary views and the proposals is similar.  NTIA documents are drafted by the RCS, which is a subcommittee of the IRAC. After the RCS has approved a document, it is forwarded to IRAC for consideration. Documents approved by the IRAC are sent to NTIA for final consideration. NTIA forwards the approved documents to the FCC for review by its WRC Advisory Committee. Please note that although private and industry representatives are not allowed to attend RCS meetings, the FCC participates in the RCS in a liaison capacity. Furthermore NTIA solicits advice from all participants including the private sector.

The FCC's International Bureau established the WRC Advisory Committee to head its preparations for the WRCs. The Advisory Committee's Informal Working Groups (IWG), will draft the initial preliminary views and proposals. Once the full Advisory Committee has approved these documents, they are forwarded to the FCC for final consideration. They are then forwarded to NTIA for consideration by the RCS.

Once these documents have been fully coordinated between the FCC, State Dept. and NTIA, they will then become the U.S. Preliminary Views or the U.S. Proposals.  The Preliminary view documents will be used during national and international meetings prior to the WRC.  The preliminary view documents will also serve the foundation for our U.S. Proposals for the WRC.  Once the FCC and NTIA come to final agreement on the U.S. Proposals for the WRC, this package is forwarded to the State Department.  The State Department will transmit the proposals to the ITU about six months prior to the conference.


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