2008 PTFP Awards


Commerce Department Grants $19 million to
Public Broadcasters for Radio, Television, and Nonbroadcast Projects

  The Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), on September 18, 2008, announced the award of $19, 067,486 in funding from the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP) to assist public radio, public television and nonbroadcast (distance learning) projects across the country.

Just over $9 million of the $19 million awarded by PTFP went to 31 grantees to assist in the digital conversion of public television facilities. Two awards were made early so the stations could meet the February 17, 2009 digital transition deadline.

Twenty-two grants, totaling $4.5 million, were awarded to extend new public radio and television service. Twenty of the grants were for radio projects, and the two television projects will provide first public television service to Great Falls MT and Canton, NC.

Other awards include 41 projects for $2.7 million that will replace urgently needed equipment at public radio stations and to convert stations to digital broadcasting. Twelve television projects were funded for a total of $1.8 million to replace urgently needed equipment. Five of the radio projects and two of the television awards were made on an emergency basis.

Three nonbroadcast (distance learning) grants were made for $377,984, and one grant was awarded to the University of Hawaii for $499,677 for the PEACESAT (Pan-Pacific Educational and Cultural Experiments by Satellite) project.

Included in the above radio and television awards are twelve grants so six public radio stations and fifteen public television stations can purchase generators or UPS systems to enable the stations to continue public service programming during times of emergency.

The total amount awarded by PTFP in FY 2008 is $19,067,487 for 110 grants. More information and a complete list of the FY 2008 PTFP grant awards are available on the PTFP web site at