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  State population (2000 census)
  Population receiving a FM public radio signal
  (from both in and out-of-state stations)
  Population in uncovered FM areas
  Stations in State FM stations
    FM translators
    AM stations
  1989 PTFP Study: Population receiving a
    FM public radio signal

Broadcast Coverage Maps

FM Stations - Detail         FM Stations - Printable

AM Stations - Detail         AM Stations - Printable

Public Radio Stations in State

Main stations in bold followed by associated repeaters and translators
Translators are shown at the end of the narrative
Facilities in italics operated by out‑of‑state broadcasters
Location in ( ) - actual location of transmitting facilities
N - New facility since 1989 study     # - Station now meets study criteria

FM Stations
Alamogordo KGLP N
Cloudcroft KRWG
Las Cruces
Alamosa, CO KENW
(San Antonio Peak, NM)    KMTH N
Albuquerque KTDB
Albuquerque KEDU N
Dulce KSFR
Santa Fe
Farmington KSHI
AM Stations
KABR 1500 Alamo

1 Licensed to Equal Representation/Media Advocacy, Alamosa, CO. Operated by KRZA, Alamosa, CO.

General Comments

Public radio in New Mexico is provided by stations licensed to universities, community colleges, local school boards, non-profit community organizations and Native American tribal entities.  Three stations, KUNM, KENW and KRWG, are operated by licensees that also operate a public television station.  These stations provide regional services:  KENW provides coverage throughout the eastern part of the state, KUNM provides coverage in central and northern New Mexico, and KRWG provides coverage in the southern part of the state.  All well-populated areas of the state are covered by a public radio service and residents of the Albuquerque area can receive multiple public radio services.   There is one public AM radio station in the state.  

FM Service

Since the 1989 PTFP study, public radio service has grown significantly in New Mexico.  Four new stations and 18 new translators have been constructed in New Mexico since the 1989 study.  These new stations have extended radio coverage to unserved areas of the state, particularly northeastern New Mexico along I-25 and I-40 and south central New Mexico around Alamogordo and Ruidoso.

KUNM has applications pending before the FCC for repeater stations to replace translators at Arroyo Seco and Las Vegas.

The percentage of New Mexico's population who can receive a public radio signal increased from 81% in 1989 to 91.8% currently.  The number of unserved residents decreased from 249,300 in 1989 to 148,649.  

AM Service

KABR(AM) 1500 kHz operates at 1 kW daytimes only and is licensed to the Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc. serving the native community of Alamo on the Alamo-Navajo Indian Reservation.

Service from Adjacent States

KSUT Ignacio in southwest Colorado and KTEP El Paso in Texas serve residents of New Mexico across the state borders from these two stations.  KRZA Alamosa, Colorado, has its transmitter located in New Mexico; and fellow Colorado broadcaster KRCC Colorado Springs operates a translator in Raton, New Mexico, on the Colorado-New Mexico border.

Unserved Areas

Across the state the areas that are not covered by a public radio signal are remote and sparsely populated or isolated from broadcast outlets by distance, terrain or large land expanses.  Much of the uncovered area includes military reservations or national forests.  The Federal government owns 34% of the land in the state.

Region A

McKinley and San Juan counties, which are located in the northwest corner of the state, have the largest unserved population concentration, approximately 35,000 people.

Region B

Rio Arriba County, just west of Taos on the state’s northern border with Colorado, has approximately 12,000 people without public radio service.  Carson and Santa Fe National Forests occupy most of the county.  The county also includes the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation.

Region C

Approximately 6,000 residents of Colfax County, which is east of Taos along the border with Colorado, have no public radio service.  Mora County, which is southeast of Taos, has 5,000 unserved residents.  Translators provide service to the small towns in this region.

Region D  

The counties on the Texas border north of Portales are served by translators in their population centers.  Still, there are 6,500 unserved persons in San Miguel County and nearly 10,000 unserved people in Quay County.

Region E  

Lincoln County, southeast of the Albuquerque area, has about 6,000 unserved residents.  The county contains the Lincoln National Forest, the White Mountain Wilderness Area and the Capitan Mountains.

Region F

In six counties in the southwestern part of the state­__Socorro, Catron, Grant, Sierra, Luna and Hidalgo counties -- reside nearly 27,000 people without public radio service.  While Gila and Cibola National Forests cover a significant portion of these counties, the small population centers in the area are served by translators.  Residents of portions of the region receive daytime AM public radio service from KABR Alamo.

Translators listed by operating station
Facilities in italics operated by out‑of‑state broadcasters

KRCC Colorado Springs, CO  K220AO 91.9 Lordsburg
K216DQ N 91.1 Raton K217AP 91.3 Silver City
KANW Albuquerque, NM K220AN 91.9 Truth or
K212AN 90.3 Espanola Consequences
K216AW 91.1 Grants KENW Portales, NM
K220BH N 91.9 Santa Rosa K228DP N 93.5 Clayton
KUNM Albuquerque, NM K202CX N 88.3 Conchas
K216AL 91.1 Arroyo Seco K291AD N 106.1 Des Moines
K216CU N 91.1 Cuba K219DP N 91.7 Fort Sumner
K220EM N 91.9 Dzilth-Na-O-Dit K296EN N 107.1 Las Vegas
K216CT N 91.1 Eagle Nest K214BT N 90.7 Montoya
K220AW N 91.9 Las Vegas K217BY N 91.3 Quay
K220EL N 91.9 Socorro K216BJ 91.1 Roswell
K220AV 91.9 Taos K285EN N 104.9 Roy
KRWG Las Cruces, NM K217BD N 91.3 Ruidoso
K208AS 89.5 Alamogordo K215DT N 90.9 San Augustin
K228DK N 93.5 Deming K221DM N 92.1 Wagon Mound
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