Equipment List

PTFP Online Reporting and Tracking System

  1. Record your equipment purchases on the Equipment List. The PORTS equipment list should contain all approved equipment and other costs from your award document. Using the PORTS equipment list will help you in administering your project by:
  • Comparing the approved equipment list with actual purchases.
  • Building your final inventory (due at grant close out) as you make progress on the project.
  • Verifying project expenses.
  2. Access the Equipment List by clicking Equipment List on the left navigation bar from the Grant Detail page.

  3. Electronic equipment list. If you prepared an equipment list electronically as part of a PTFP application, it has been approved by PTFP and will be transferred to PORTS. You can review the equipment list here or record your purchases by clicking Report Purchases on the expanded Left Navigation bar.

  4. Enter your equipment list. If you did NOT prepare an equipment list electronically as part of a PTFP application, you should enter it as soon as you receive your award.

Begin by entering a location where the first item of equipment will be placed, then clicking Add Location (A).


    The Equipment List: Draft page has tabs for the four categories of equipment on the PTFP equipment pages (B): Dissemination, Origination, Interconnection, and Test/Other. Select the tab which corresponds to the box near the top of the approved equipment list attached to your Financial Assistance Award document (CD 450).


Enter the item, description of item, quantify and cost from the approved equipment list. Dollars should be entered as a single number without commas (e.g., 45000). Click the Add button at the right. (C)

The information you entered moves down a line and a new blank line appears at the top of the box. A total is shown for the category.

You can enter a new location and click the New Location button (D) at any time. Then select the proper equipment category and continue entering your equipment list.

  5. PORTS automatically saves your entry when you leave this page or log out of the program.

  6. To send the equipment list to PTFP, click the Submit Equipment List to PTFP button at the bottom of the page,. You will be asked to confirm your action.

  7. PTFP must approve the equipment list.

  8. Enter information about purchases on the equipment list. Click Report Purchases on the expanded Left Navigation bar.