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Public Telecommunications Facilities Program

Digital TV Converter Box Coupon Program

Public Safety Interoperable Communications

Low-Power TV & Translator Programs

Technology Opportunities Program

OTIA Staff

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OTIA Staff

Associate Administrator
Dr. Bernadette McGuire-Rivera

Phone: (202) 482-5802
Fax: (202) 501-8009
Executive Assistant Sandy Stewart
Chief Administrative Officer Wayne Ritchie
Program Analyst Giselle Sanders
TOP Program Officer Francine Jefferson
Broadcasting Division: PTFP and LPTV/Translators Programs Fax: 202 482-2156
Director William Cooperman
Assistant LaShawn Lipscombe
Program Officer Lynn Chadwick
Program Officer Larry Dyer
Program Officer Brian Gibbons
Program Officer Robert Sestili
Program Officer Walter Sheppard
Chief Engineer Charles Mellone
Public Safety Interoperable Communications Program    
Program Specialist Daniel Meyerson
Broadband Technology Opportunities Program Phone: 202 482-2048
Broadband Data and Development Program    
Program Specialist Ann Neville
Program Specialist Phillip English
TV Converter Box Coupon Program



The Coupon Program has ended.  There are no more coupons and retailers can no longer accept coupons.


Digital TV Transition & Public Safety

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