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TOP Reports

Evaluation Reports

Evaluation Report: Technology Opportunities Program — 1996-1997 Projects. In July, 2001, NTIA released its Evaluation Report: Technology Opportunities Program — 1996-1997 Projects, a survey conducted by Johnson & Johnson Associates of Fairfax, Virginia. The report summarizes findings related to 42 TOP projects funded during 1996 and 1997, and completed and no longer receiving funds as of June, 2000. The study assesses the impact the projects had at the national and local levels, and examines how they evolved. (July, 2001)

Evaluation Report: Technology Opportunities Program — 1996 Projects. This report presents the findings of an evaluation of information technology projects funded in 1996 by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Opportunities Program. The report summarizes findings from a survey of 49 projects funded by TOP in 1996 that were completed and no longer receiving grant monies as of January 1, 1999. The report provides a comprehensive look at the impact of the TOP investment in terms of the nature and degree of the effects on the organizations implementing the projects, other organizations that were involved with the projects, the individuals and communities that were served by the projects, and the specific value added by the TOP funds. (April, 2000)

Collected Case Study Evaluations: Issues in Rural Communities, Issues in Urban Communities, Issues in Sustainability. This publication contains a series of 12 case study evaluation reports, a summary of findings across all case studies, site selection criteria, and interview protocols. The case studies were conducted during 1999 by Westat, an independent research and consulting firm located in Rockville, Maryland. This collection gives us evidence about special challenges that these projects faced and provides information for a better understanding of factors that can facilitate the success of such projects. (October, 1999)

Evaluation of the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program for the 1994 and 1995 Grant Years The report is a comprehensive assessment of projects funded during its first two years of operation. The evaluation was conducted by Westat, an independent research and consulting firm, located in Rockville, Maryland, and is an assessment of short-term project impacts as well as an examination of potential for long-term impact. The study methodology consisted of (1) a comprehensive document review of applications and progress reports; (2) a mail survey of 206 projects, and (3) site visits to 24 projects. (February, 1999)

The 24 case studies from the February, 1999, Evaluation Report (above) are available on this site. The case studies examine projects funded in 1994, 1995, and 1996. Each report discusses how each project was implemented, what each project accomplished and what its impact was on the community, what lessons were learned from each project, and how each project envisions its future plans.

"Lessons Learned" Reports

In addition to the Evaluation Reports, TOP has published a series of "lessons learned" reports on TOP projects.

The most recent report, Networking the Land: Rural America in the Information Age, presents ten stories discussing how rural communities are using telecommunications and information technologies to develop local economies, manage natural resources, and improve access to education, health care, social services, and the arts. (January, 2002)

Community Connections: Preserving Local Values in the Information Age discusses how access to information technologies can help create new opportunities for America's communities to spur local development efforts. The report illustrates how eleven communities sought to ensure that powerful new information technologies strengthened, not weakened, the bonds between neighbors. (September, 2000)

How Access Benefits Children: Connecting Our Kids to the World of Information, gives you a glimpse of the potential that can be realized when children and youth are given the tools to succeed. Our first 'digital generation' approaches information differently. The report profiles eleven projects and shows how young people across America are using the Internet and other information age tools to connect with and enrich their communities. (September, 1999)

Society and Information Infrastructure: The Next Generation. This report on the 1998 Networks for People Conference covers a range of approaches and strategies for using information infrastructure to enhance services in the public and nonprofit sectors. The report also presents a list of conference attendees, links to the web sites of projects demonstrated at the conference, and complete biographical and contact information on conference panelists and speakers. Over 400 people attended the conference, which was held in Washington, DC, on December 8 and 9, 1998. (March, 1999)

Safety Nets: Protecting Lives and Property in the Information Age, describes how new technologies are changing the face of public safety. (October, 1998)

Networks for People: TIIAP at Work, profiles of communities using information infrastructure to serve the public and strengthen communities. (October, 1997)

Lessons Learned from the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program, a review of the experiences of project directors for many of the first projects funded by TOP (November, 1996)

Workshops Resources Lists

This year, attendees at TOP's Technical Assistance Workshops received lists of useful resources to help you develop your projects and find additional funding and support for your efforts. Lists are available in the areas of General Resources, Research and Evaluation, Community Networking and Services, Lifelong Learning and the Arts, Health, and Public Safety.

Awards Catalogs

Each year, TOP publishes catalogs describing the latest round of grant awards. The catalogs include descriptions of each project along with contact information for the project directors. The information contained in these catalogs is available at the search funded projects page on this site. Or please contact the TOP office, to have a bound version mailed to you.

Research Reports

NTIA awarded five research contracts in 1999 under its Broad Agency Announcement. Final reports are now available for two of the five contracts.

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