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Assistance is available to grantees working on approved projects.  In order to supply grantees with quality assistance, PSIC developed several tools and resources that can be used as grantees complete their projects. Below are key documents designed to help grantees with the processes, requirements, and standards of the PSIC Grant Program. If you have any questions or need additional assistance beyond the tools listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to work with you to customize the support to meet your needs.

Investment Modification PacketPDF icon
The investment modification packet provides a grantee with the necessary forms and instructions to change the budget or scope of any Investment.

Program Management HandbookPDF icon
The Program Management Handbook (PMH) is an informative, user-friendly resource that serves as a companion to the PSIC Grant Guidance and Application Kit. The PMH includes guidance and tools intended to aid in the management of PSIC funds, provides functional examples, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and recommends best practices for ensuring compliance with programmatic and statutory requirements.

Allowable Cost MatrixPDF icon
The Allowable Cost Matrix provides grantees with a compact and comprehensive overview of allowable and disallowable costs under the PSIC Grant Program. The information is categorized along the six allowable cost areas: Statewide Planning, Management and Administration, Acquisition, Deployment, Training, and Planning and Coordination.

Match Toolkit | Instructions
This brochure is intended to assist grantees in understanding the Federal, statutory, and programmatic match requirements.  Grantees may use this information to familiarize themselves with some of the PSIC-specific match requirements and with the match tools provided by the PSIC Program Management Office.  For more detailed information on match requirements, see the PSIC Program Management Handbook.

Audit Information ToolkitPDF icon
This brochure is intended to assist grantees in understanding the Federal, statutory, financial, and programmatic audit requirements. Grantees may use this information to familiarize themselves with standard audit policies and procedures as well as PSIC-specific audit requirements.

Information Bulletin #313PDF icon
This Information Bulletin (IB) announces the establishment of PSIC assistance for grantees. PSIC assistance will help your State to help effectively implement PSIC Investments and comply with programmatic requirements within the period of performance. The program components comprise a number of support areas and service offerings including, but not limited to, the items detailed in the IB.