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2005 Reports, Filings and Notices

1710-1755 MHz Spectrum Relocation Information: NTIA has released cost and timeline information to move incumbent federal users out of the 1710-1755 MHz band and open up spectrum for advanced wireless broadband services.
Posted 12-28-2005

Request for Nominations, Spectrum Management Advisory Committee:
Federal Register Notice: NTIA published a notice in the Federal Register announcing the formation of the Spectrum Management Advisory Committee (Committee) and soliciting nominations for persons to serve on the Committee.
Federal Notice: [-- HTML -- MS Word -- Acrobat PDF --]
Spectrum Management Advisory Committee information
Posted 10-28-2005

U.S. Principles on the Internet's Domain Name and Addressing System
In remarks to the Wireless Communications Association (WCA) on June 30, 2005, Assistant Secretary Michael Gallagher announced U.S. principles on the Internet's Domain Name and Addressing System.
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Posted 06-30-2005

Public Wireless Security Forum: NTIA hosts a public wireless security forum titled Pharmers and Spimmers, Hackers and Bluejackers: Combating Wireless Security Threats on July 20, 2005. The forum will focus on existing/potential security vulnerabilities of wireless communications; including the private sector and governmental response to those vulnerabilities.
Federal Register Notice
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Posted 06-22-2005

World Radiocommunication Conferences: NTIA Report 05-427: Recommendations for Improvement in the United States Preparatory Process for World Radiocommunication Conferences.
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Posted 05-23-2005

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): The Department of Commerce has released an information paper on "Radio Frequency Identification: Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation." NTIA participated on the RFID Working Group that developed this paper. The paper can be downloaded in several formats at http://www.technology.gov/reports.htm.
Posted 05-10-2005

Ultrawideband Signals and C-Band Satellite Digital Television: NTIA Report TR-05-419 examines the "Interference Potential of Ultrawideband Signals Part 1: Procedures to Characterize Ultrawideband Emissions and Measure Interference Susceptibility of C-Band Satellite Digital Television Receivers."
Posted 03-01-2005

Cognitive Radio (CR) Technology: NTIA filed Comments in the FCC's ET Docket No 03-108 proceeding, examining issues related to the development and deployment of cognitive radio (CR) technology. Comments:
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Appendix A:
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Appendices B-E:
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Posted 02-16-2005

Repeal of Reimbursement for Spectrum Relocation: Federal Register Notice: Repeal of Mandatory Reimbursement Rules for Frequency Band or Geographic Relocation of Federal Spectrum-Dependent Systems.
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Posted 02-09-2005

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