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Free-Field Measurements of the Electrical Properties of Soil Using the Measured Reflection Coefficient at Normal Incidence and Multilayer Analysis

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NTIA Technical Report TR-13-494
February 01, 2013

Nicholas DeMinco, Paul M. McKenna, Robert T. Johnk, Chriss A. Hammerschmidt, J. Wayde Allen, Linh P. Vu

Abstract: This report describes a free-field radio frequency (RF) measurement system that is currently being developed by engineers at the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (NTIA/ITS). The objective is to provide estimates of the electrical properties of the ground (permittivity and conductivity) over which the measurement system is deployed. This measurement system uses reflection coefficient measurements at normal incidence over ground using a dual-ridged horn antenna placed close to and radiating directly down at the ground at specific antenna heights. Soil properties are extracted by comparing measured data with known analytical models for single and multilayer scenarios using optimization.


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