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EL-CID: Spectrum Certification for Today

We are expecting to transition from the EL-CID Desktop to EL-CID Online in 2021. As a result, all our EL-CID Desktop live training sessions have been suspended.

The live training has been replace by self-driven videos and training materials listed below. 

We will update the status of EL-CID Online and any other changes both on this website and the OSMtraining email list.

We appreciate your patience and support.

Training Videos:

EL CID Desktop Installation Video (link is external)

EL CID Desktop Training Video (link is external)

Printed Items:

Training Manual (Version 6.1) [ -- pdf -- ]
Quick Reference Guide [ -- pdf -- ]
Data Flow Guide [ -- pdf -- ]

Training Files [ -- zip --]

EL-CID Contact Information:

EL-CID Desktop
Hien Ly
Phone: 202-482-2069

EL-CID Desktop Help Desk

EL-CID Desktop Support Web Site

EL-CID Online (ECO)
Robert V. Hite
Phone: 202-482-4854

EL-CID Online Help Desk
Phone:  833-695-0543