Student Internships - NTIA Offices

Office of the Assistant Secretary

NTIA's mission is carried out by the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, who administers five major program offices. Through the Secretary of Commerce, the Assistant Secretary is the President's principal adviser on telecommunications policy. 

Limited internship opportunities are available this summer in the Office of the Assistant Secretary, and the offices of Congressional Affairs and Public Affairs.

Office of Chief Counsel

The Office of Chief Counsel (OCC) is headed by the Chief Counsel of NTIA who has full responsibility for the development and administration of the NTIA legal program.

OCC provides legal advice and general counseling to the Administrator, Deputy Administrator and all components of NTIA with regard to the powers, duties, and responsibilities of NTIA and its relationship with other government departments and agencies (particularly, the Federal Communications Commission), Congress, business, industry, and private organizations; and the development and administration of NTIA policies and programs. 

No internship opportunities are available at this time.

Office of Policy Analysis and Development

The Office of Policy Analysis and Development (OPAD) supports NTIA's role as principal adviser to the President on communications and information policies. OPAD generates, articulates, and advocates creative and influential policies and programs in the Internet and communications sectors that promote innovation, competition, consumer welfare, and economic and social opportunities for all, and that remove impediments to the growth and vitality of these sectors. OPAD focuses on some of the most important challenges in Internet policy, including protecting privacy online, facilitating widespread broadband adoption, and achieving balanced protections for intellectual property in the digital age. Interns at OPAD make substantive contributions to federal Internet and communications research and policy. Past interns have been exposed to a broad array of issues, helping to produce recommendations related to copyright policy, performing quantitative analysis of data on computer and Internet use, and researching challenges related to cybersecurity. Interns will gain increased understanding of the characteristics that make the Internet unique and will be exposed to the myriad of laws, policies, protocols, and principles that have allowed the Internet to thrive as a force for global trade and the free flow of information. Interns will assist OPAD experts in the development of research, papers, and briefings on today’s cutting edge Internet policy issues to assist government leaders in navigating the intersections between technology and policy in today’s marketplace. 

Limited internship opportunities are available.

Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is the principal adviser to the President on international telecommunications and information policy. In fulfilling this role, OIA has two primary responsibilities:  formulation of the Administration’s international information and communications technology goals and strategies; advocates and advances U.S. policy interests and objectives in bilateral, regional and multilateral fora and consultations. 

Limited internship opportunities are available.

Office of Spectrum Management

The Office of Spectrum Management (OSM) is responsible for managing the Federal Government's use of the radio frequency spectrum. To achieve this, OSM receives assistance and advice from the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC). OSM carries out this responsibility by:

  • establishing and issuing policy regarding allocations and regulations governing the Federal spectrum use;
  • developing plans for the peacetime and wartime use of the spectrum;
  • preparing for, participating in, and implementing the results of international radio conferences;
  • assigning frequencies;
  • maintaining spectrum use databases;
  • reviewing Federal agencies' new telecommunications systems and certifying that spectrum will be available;
  • providing the technical engineering expertise needed to perform specific spectrum resources assessments and automated computer capabilities needed to carry out these investigations;
  • participating in all aspects of the Federal Government's communications related emergency readiness activities; and,
  • participating in Federal Government telecommunications and automated information systems security activities.

No internship opportunities are available at this time.

Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications

NTIA's Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications (OTIA) assists public and non-profit entities in effectively using telecommunications and information technologies to better provide public services and advance other national goals.  It administers and manages several grant programs such as the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) that implement sustainable broadband adoption, public computing centers, infrastructure and public safety.   

Limited internship opportunities are available.

FirstNet - Office of Government Affairs

Signed into law on February 22, 2012, the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act created the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet). The law gives FirstNet the mission to ensure the building, deployment, and operation of the first nationwide public safety broadband network. This broadband network is intended to fulfill a fundamental need of the public safety community as well as the last remaining recommendation of the 9/11 Commission.

FirstNet’s Office of Government Affairs functions as FirstNet’s liaison to Congress, as well as state and local governments. The Office provides lawmakers with information regarding FirstNet’s progress towards ensuring the building of the nationwide public safety broadband network.  Government Affairs also answers local, state and federal congressional staff inquiries, and works with FirstNet’s legal, outreach, communications, and other offices on matters affecting FirstNet’s mission.  Government Affairs prepares FirstNet witnesses for Congressional hearings, manages and drafts reports to Congress, and functions as a liaison to other Federal and Executive agencies. Government Affairs is located in FirstNet’s Washington, D.C., office within the U.S. Department of Commerce.

FirstNet is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks a diverse workforce.

Limited internship opportunities are available.

Institute for Telecommunication Sciences

The Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) located in Boulder, Colorado, is the research and engineering laboratory of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. ITS supports such NTIA telecommunications objectives as promotion of advanced telecommunications and information infrastructure development in the United States, enhancement of domestic competitiveness, improvement of foreign trade opportunities for U.S. telecommunications firms, and facilitation of more efficient and effective use of the radio spectrum. All internships at ITS in Boulder, Colorado are paid.   These technical internships are described at the ITS website (

Limited internship opportunities are available for undergraduate engineers, computer science undergraduates, and a law/business grad student.