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ICT Supply Chain

Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain

Executive Order XXX addresses a critical national security emergency – the risk to our nation’s communications and technology supply chain posed by foreign adversaries.  The Executive Order charges the Secretary of Commerce with prohibiting transactions involving information and communications technology or services designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied by certain foreign-affiliated entities, if it is determined that such transaction would threaten the security, integrity, or reliability of the communications infrastructure in the United States. 

The Executive Order directs the Secretary to issue rules within 150 days of the date the order is signed outlining the process that will be used for making determinations under the order. The public is invited to submit comments during the rulemaking process.

Two initial reports are directed by the Executive Order – a report within 40 days by the Director of National Intelligence, and a report within 80 days by the Secretary of Homeland Security – which will provide critical input for both prohibitive actions to take, and for categorical exclusions to issue. 

Executive Order XXX (link to document)

Announcement (link to DOC press release)

FAQs on Implementation (link to document)

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Inquiries about specific provisions in the EO may be directed to: For media inquiries,

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