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Office of Policy Coordination and Management

The Office of Policy Coordination and Management (OPCM) provides NTIA offices and their workforce members with mission enablement support to deliver on the mission. OPCM supports NTIA’s workforce in government facilities (Washington, DC, Gettysburg, PA, Boulder, CO) as well as when they are remote or teleworking. As a smaller bureau within the Department of Commerce, some services are provided by the Department. OPCM provides support for Risk Management, Acquisition, Facilities, Operations, Human Resources, Budget, Finance, and Information Technology (IT).  OPCM is comprised of four (4) divisions:

Enterprise Strategy, Acquisition and Management Division

The Enterprise Strategy, Acquisition and Management (ESAM) Division (EMD) is responsible for NTIA strategy, governance, and enterprise risk management, as well as support for OPCM management as an organization. EMD supports the full life cycle of acquisitions, including coordination with the Department of Commerce’s Enterprise Services which provides acquisition, procurement and purchase card services to NTIA. EMD also oversees property management, facilities, and operations including transit benefits and parking. Finally, EMD will be leading NTIA’s Continuity of Operations (COOP) program in the future.

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division (HRD) is responsible for creating a dynamic workplace that assists with all aspects of employee development. HRD offers a wide range of support and guidance to NTIA's employees and managers. HRD helps onboard and offboard new employees, provide information for newly hired employees, support personnel in career growth/development, supports hiring managers who are building collaborative teams, and provides mentoring and leadership development. Our division is also responsible for promoting a diverse workforce. In all, HRD helps make NTIA a rewarding place to work.

Budget Division

The OPCM's Budget and Finance Division provides a wide range of resource services to the Assistant Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary, as well as line offices including FirstNet. Responsibilities include budget formulation and execution, travel management, financial risk management and internal controls. Budget and Finance Division also conducts funds certification for grants, contracts, agreements, purchase requests, travel, and other financial transactions.

Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division (ITD) provides the oversight functions of the Chief Information Officer for NTIA.  ITD is responsible for developing and coordinating NTIA's strategic information technology (IT) plan and operational IT plans; supporting IT operations; establishing and administering IT policies, procedures, and standards; planning and managing IT architecture;  managing enterprise-wide information assurance and  information management activities, maintaining  liaison with Department counterpart offices, and supporting NTIA emergency preparedness activities in support of continuity of operations and emergency response activities.

OPCM is led by the NTIA Chief Information Officer and Director of Administration

Director of Administration and Chief Information Officer: Catrina Purvis

Chief Financial Officer: Sharon Burnette (Acting)

Chief of Staff: Vacant

Division Director for Enterprise Strategy, Acquisition and Management: Lisa Martin (Acting)

Budget Officer, Budget & Finance Division Director: Justin Monroe

Deputy Chief Information Officer and IT Division Director: Bart Gibbon

Human Resource Division Director: Lisa Martin


Office of Policy Coordination and Management
National Telecommunications & Information Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce
1401 Constitution Ave., N.W.,  Room 4888
Washington, D.C. 20230
Phone: (202) 482-1056