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Next Generation 911 Archive

As part of the development of the 911 Grant Program, NTIA and NHTSA developed and submitted the following Management Plan For the Next Generation 9-1-1 Grant Program to Congress.

The following is the list of State and Tribal Grant Recipients. For more information on the 911 Grant Program, please visit

For updated information on reporting obligations for the NG911 Grant Program, please see this guidance.

In July 2021, NTIA released an infographic detailing progress made by grantees through September 30, 2020.

State/Territory Federal Share Award Amount
(including supplemental)
Alabama $2,544,360
Arizona $2,556,830*
California $11,399,076*
Colorado $2,293,943
Connecticut $1,081,603
District of Columbia $500,000
Florida $6,314,048*
Georgia $3,994,283
Hawaii $196,708
Illinois $5,336,382*
Indiana $2,800,000
Iowa $2,590,445*
Kansas $2,759,782
Kentucky $2,312,695*
Maine $680,741*
Maryland $1,707,856
Michigan $3,939,670
Minnesota $1,957,078*
Missouri $3,267,099
Nebraska $1,990,409*
North Carolina $3,941,384*
North Dakota $1,473,805
Ohio $4,302,976
Oklahoma $2,721,656*
Pennsylvania $4,886,680*
South Carolina $2,333,315*
South Dakota $1,551,790*
Tennessee $3,033,279*
Texas $10,926,740*
Utah $1,332,005
Virginia $3,066,853*
Washington $2,862,056*
Wisconsin $2,955,325
Tribal Organization Federal Share Award Amount
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation $110,876
Citizen Potawatomi Nation $13,191
Total Award Amount $109,250,000

*Denotes supplemental award included.

To subscribe to 911 Grant Program updates, please sign up at the Updates webpage.

NTIA’s 911 Program Contact:
Yuki Miyamoto

NHTSA’s 911 Program Contact:
Laurie Flaherty